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By: Garrett Dvorkin

Shootout for Soldiers is proud to announce our partnership with Massachusetts Fallen Heroes. 10% of funds raised at SFS Boston will go directly toward this local Boston charity! Massachusetts Fallen Heroes was created by combat veterans for one reason, to memorialize those who have given their lives for this country. Mass Fallen Heroes broke ground on their memorial and memorial park in 2014. Founded in 2010, Massachusetts Fallen Heroes has done so much for local veterans, their families, and the entire veterans community.

One of Mass Fallen Heroes’ main projects has been a memorial for those who have lost their lives. The memorial, which is currently being dedicated, features a memorial park, and an interactive indoor memorial. The memorial, which is located on the south waterfront, features a 50 foot obelisk and a memorial that turns into a beacon of light during night hours.

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The organization not only memorializes fallen veterans. Through Veterans Edge, Mass Fallen Heroes helps veterans, their families, and the families of fallen soldiers through educational, employment, financial, and medical support. This program allows Massachusetts Fallen Heroes to quickly identify what support these veterans need, and quickly assist them the best way possible. Shootout for Soldiers is proud to announce Mass Fallen Heroes as partners, and is ready to help them support veterans and their families.