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“I’ve lost some friends in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s not even just them. Being in the military, you take it a lot more to heart. It’s more of a solemn holiday to reflect and respect everybody that came before you who aren’t standing where you are today. You have a little bit more appreciation than the average person because you were there when things happened. I guess it’s the one day you set aside where you say ‘Hey, I’m never gonna forget you guys or what you did.’ A lot of my friends, the ones who died, they wouldn’t be the kind that are like ‘Oh, please be sad for me.’ They’re the kind that are like, ‘Share a shot and a beer at my gravestone.’ I guess the people that you don’t know…you appreciate them. But the friends that you did lose…you personally reflect on that. You feel an obligation to their family and everything they went through. So, you kind of feel a little guilty that you’re there, being a Marine that did make it back. But, I’m very appreciative of everybody who gave the ultimate sacrifice so everybody else gets their freedoms.”

-USMC Sgt. Lance Crafton