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By: Garrett Dvorkin

This year, Shootout for Soldiers is pairing with local charities at each location. We are proud to announce that we are partnering with a local Boston charity, Operation Delta Dog. Operation Delta Dog was founded in 2013 to address two very serious problems; veteran suicide, and overflowing animal shelters. They have worked ever since to pair veterans with newly trained service dogs. Shootout for Soldiers is always looking for great ways to help veterans. Operation Delta Dog is another way we feel these vets can get the help they need.


Operation Delta Dog was founded by Trisha Blanchet. After working for many different animal based charities, Trisha wanted to start a charity that used animals to help veterans. That is what makes ODD so special. They not only help veterans, but they train dogs to be service animals. Due to the overflow of animals in shelters, nearly half of all shelter animals are euthanized. Operation Delta Dog takes shelter dogs with have no home, and allows them to change the lives of veterans.

Although service dogs are shown to reduce stress, and treat depression, very few service-dog organizations only focus on veterans. Service dogs can even manage the panic attacks associated with traumatic brain injuries. Operation Delta Dog works with trainers that go down to shelters, select the best service candidates, then changes their lives through the training they provide. Now with the help of our team at Shootout for Soldiers, Operation Delta Dog is looking to continue improving the lives of veterans and shelter dogs alike!