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By: Sam Ingles

Founded in 2012, the Roughriders’ purpose is to provide a high level of training and competition to young athletes looking to play lacrosse in both high school and beyond. To assist in this goal, the Roughriders retain a large host of coaches hailing from some of the top NCAA programs in the country. In addition to an all-star coaching staff, the Roughriders participate in numerous elite level tournaments such as the IMLCA, NLF, NXT Invitational, Crab Fest, and Adrenaline tournaments, where their players have the opportunity to play against some of the toughest teams in the country. The ability of the Roughriders’ to play in high-level competition is in part due to their association with Corrigan Sports (operators of the Under Armour All-America Games and the IMLCA tournament).IMG_4675

The Roughriders competed in their first Shootout For Soldiers event last year with an impressive four teams participating in the Maryland event and a staggering nine teams participating in the Philadelphia event.

“Last year, our boys were fascinated, moved, and motivated by the people they met and things they learned. It puts a lot into perspective, and introduces concepts I think we’d all like our kids to understand.”
Doug Corrigan – PA Roughriders

According to Doug Corrigan of the PA Roughriders, a number of participants within the Roughriders program are impacted by the efforts of the U.S. Armed Forces either through family or friends, and that the best way to help assist these efforts is through the game of lacrosse. Corrigan explains that the lacrosse community is unique with its culture of teamwork, caring for teammates, and assisting friends, and that the Shootout For Soldiers organization embodies all of these aspects. For this reason, and with a resounding affirmation from parents and players, the Roughriders decided to put Shootout For Soldiers into their list of summer tournaments for the second year in a row.