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By: Brent Greenberg

Army Rangers are some of the most skilled warriors in battle. The Ranger Lead the Way Fund looks to help these warriors use the ingrained skills from training to empower them during the transition to civilian life. When Rangers make the decision to not re-enlist, the transition to civilian life can be challenging. This is where the Ranger Transition Program helps them adapt to the change and thrive in careers and at some of the top universities around the United States.

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Through our Transition Programs, we are committed to helping our Rangers through the reintegration process, ensuring that they achieve their goals of a rewarding and prosperous civilian life” reads the Ranger Transition Page at

cap-logoThe Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund’s Collegiate Access Program (CAP) provides Rangers interested in advanced education with the tools and resources to help them navigate the process of selecting and applying to these colleges. This includes assistance in the application process and test prep, a two-week academic boot camp to prep for college courses, and travel and tuition reimbursement after completion of the program.


The Fund also supports Rangers with rent mortgage, food, and other essential living expenses while our wounded Rangers are training in high-tech computer forensics and law enforcement skills, to assist federal agents in the fight against online child sexual exploitation and bring child predators to justice. The program has assigned over 15 rangers to nine-month internships called The H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps Program, since forming in 2014.

To read more about the Ranger Lead the Way Fund and their programs, head to