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By: Brent Greenberg

As Super Bowl LI raged on, Colonel Mike Sullivan had more on the line than the average fan. For about two weeks, the Shootout for Soldiers crew had our first city rivalry as the Atlanta Falcons faced the New England Patriots for the Lombardi Trophy.

On the line was a trade in hometown cuisine. Either Sully gets a King’s Carolina Oink Sampler from former Captain Jay Puckett, who is the Atlanta Organizer, or Jay gets award winning Lobster Bisque soup from The Lobster Guys. In the first half, every Patriots fan had almost given up hope, including Sully. During halftime, Sully felt Lady Gaga was a better receiving option for Super Bowl LI MVP Tom Brady than former Penn State lax star Chris Hogan or Julian Edelman.

But as the second half continued, the tides turned as Jay realized this game was certainly not over. And as the Patriots crawled back and miraculously won in overtime, he imagined all the food he was about to receive at his doorstep. And the excitement for a fifth Super Bowl since the turn of the century could not be displayed enough through Sully’s twitter…

So, let the celebration continue throughout 2017 for Beantown as Sully and his family enjoy some incredible Georgia food. And as the first city rivalry ended in dramatic fashion, Colonel Sullivan and his family began stuffing their faces with some great BBQ!

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