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1. “SFS is the best group therapy I could get–My love for the military and lacrosse was combined into one great cause. The Shootout for Soldiers helped me cope with my PTSD by helping me interact with other veterans on the lacrosse field, and the fact that others knew my struggle and I was using lacrosse as an outlet, I began to open up more.”

-Sgt. Lance Crafton (RET)

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2. “I’ve really enjoyed playing in the Shootout for Soldiers, it’s an awesome event and when I first heard about it I knew it was something I wanted to do. Playing in it each time is so much fun and the brotherhood during the Veterans Game is incredible. The event itself helps bring veterans back into the community and it’s become an event that I’m willing to travel to great lengths to make.”

-Matthew Raymond, U.S. Army

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3. “Shootout for Soldiers has been an incredible experience for me in terms of meeting Veterans in my local community and getting to introduce many aspects of military service to a civilian community that normally does not have a lot of interaction with the military.”

-Colonel Mike Sullivan


4. “From the moment the kids and I committed to Shootout For Soldiers, to the last minutes we spent helping fold the huge traveling American flag, we had the time of our lives.  Not only for my son and I because we played, but because it brought together the things we hold dearest in our hearts….lacrosse, friends, family and patriotism.”

-Chief Petty Officer Scott Freyer, U.S. Navy (RET)

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5. “I constantly see these stories of these Veterans coming back without getting help and what Shootout for Soldiers does fueled me to get involved and give back to the Veterans. Because I’m a lucky one.”

-Will Patton, U.S. Army (RET)

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