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1. Francis Love takes the field

Francis Love, a 72-year old New Hampshire native and Vietnam Veteran, played in the Veterans game at Shootout for Soldiers Boston. Love said he hasn’t picked up his lacrosse stick in the past 10 years, but he was thrilled his friend convinced him to come out and play.  Love said his number one goal was to “make it out in one piece!”  He did just that.


2. Star Spangled Al Sets a World Record

25 Anthems. 24 Hours. – Al St. Louis pulled up in an RV quite similar to the Shootout for Soldiers one. He camped out at SFS Boston to pull off the incredible feat of performing 25 National Anthems, the final one coming at the closing ceremonies.  Every pair of teams slotted to play one another had the pleasure of hearing Al’s rendition of our National Anthem. You rocked it, Al.



Charlie Gressett Photography

3. Sons Take Down Fathers in “Father-Son” Game [Literally]

Father-Son game- For the first time in SFS Boston history, two teams dedicated two full hours of play to have fathers face off against their sons. One of the greatest shots of the matchup came right at the faceoff as two kids used their size and leverage to snag an advantage. #MomApproves

Sorry, dad. #MomApproves

A photo posted by Shootout For Soldiers (@shootoutforsoldiers) on Jun 4, 2016 at 5:02am PDT

4. Surprise, Rachael!

Colonel Mike Sullivan wanted to provide fellow organizer, Rachael Rennie, a surprise before her 3 AM game kicked off. He whipped out the bagpipes he had in his trunk and performed for Rachael as she waited in goal, totally caught off guard!

When Colonel Sullivan gives fellow SFS Boston Organizer, Rachael, a 3 AM surprise ??

A video posted by Shootout For Soldiers (@shootoutforsoldiers) on Jun 4, 2016 at 12:33am PDT

5. Every Day, I’m Doubling !

Local organizers, Colonel Sullivan and Rachael Rennie had a goal of breaking $50,000 this year. After 6,000 spectators arrived to watch more than 1,000 players participate, apparel sales and personal donations sent that goal over the edge. The $56,586 raised at UMass Lowell, more than doubled last year’s total.