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The Baltimore Station is helping turn around the lives of both Veterans and Civilians alike as they struggle through homelessness, poverty, and addiction. A short time in rehabilitation like most places offer may not work which is why the Baltimore Station takes the time and resources needed to ensure that those in need end up back on their feet.

“After completing our program, most alumni are living independently, have a steady source of income and/or are enrolled in college.  Alumni hold jobs at local businesses, nonprofits, museums, hospitals, airports and schools.”


Currently The Baltimore Station provides homeless men, whom are mostly veterans, the opportunity to turn their lives around. With 144 beds in the building there are always men who seek to begin their new life and work towards a better future with the help of The Baltimore Station.

To read more about The Baltimore Station head to their website here.

Shootout for Soldiers is proud to help The Baltimore Station take on homelessness and addiction in Baltimore’s local veterans.