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By: RJ Kaminski

This will be Parkville Adaptive Lacrosse’s third year participating at Shootout for Soldiers Baltimore, since starting in 2014. Marty Delaney heads up Parkville Adaptive Lacrosse, which brings together players of all different backgrounds.

“It was word of mouth,” Delaney said. “I noticed SFS in 2013 and wondered if that may be a good venue for my team. Then I got in touch with Tyler [Steinhardt], and he was very welcoming and open to the idea of us participating.”



Marty, whose son Patrick is Autistic, started the program 16 years ago. He started with just four kids.
“There weren’t many programs available for Patrick and some of his classmates,” Delaney said.

He developed the program to the point where Parkville could consistently scrimmage one another and create a friendly, still competitive, atmosphere.

“[Shootout for Soldiers] felt like our first acceptance by the general lacrosse community,” Delaney said. “We were kind of in the shadows…the way we operate. There have been no other teams to compete against, so we set up a scrimmage and play against each other.”

Delaney is thrilled to have his boys and girls take the field at SFS Baltimore again. He especially loves seeing the volunteers help out and what it does for them as human beings.


“[Shootout for Soldiers] felt like our first acceptance by the general lacrosse community.”

Parkville has recently been getting volunteers to assist practices from lacrosse players at Goucher College.

“It’s a very moving experience [for volunteers],” Delaney said. “When you go out there with the kids for the first time…at the end of practice, you’re a different person.”


As for the kids who make up the team? They’re ready for June.

“They know it’s on the calendar,” he said. “We’re pumped. We’re very excited.”

Parkville Adaptive Lacrosse hopes to take on Howard County Adaptive Lacrosse between June 22nd and 23rd at St. Paul’s School.

Stay up to date with Parkville Adaptive Lacrosse by liking their Facebook page and check in on their website HERE.



“They know it’s on the calendar.  We’re pumped. We’re very excited.”