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By: Hooper Neale

If the University of Denver winning the 2015 NCAA Men’s Division I lacrosse championship does not make it clear enough, lacrosse is a sport that is growing in Colorado.

For Misty Huss, bringing the Shootout for Soldiers to Colorado was a priority not only because it would promote the sport, but also because she is passionate about supporting the military.



Huss is a board member for Loveland Titans Lacrosse Club who has had family members serve in every single war or conflict in US history dating back to the Revolutionary War. For her relatives, supporting the military is like supporting family.

Huss learned about the Shootout for Soldiers three years ago on a trip to the East Coast, and has followed the event ever since. She hoped that the event would come to Colorado in 2015, but when Colorado missed the cut, she made it her mission to get it there.

“I wasn’t able to serve due to an injury,” said Huss, “so I’m participating in the Shootout for Soldiers in honor of every single family member that has served this great nation of ours.”

She told fellow Loveland Lacrosse board members about her goal, and they were on board easily. The Loveland Lacrosse community has always done a lot to support American military and veterans. Many members come from military families, and Huss says the teams’ players are eager to participate.

The Titans had a spring open house where Huss made a personal presentation to all teams, including all coaches, players, and parents. The excitement was evident, and Loveland Lacrosse already has two teams registered, with two more expected to register soon. The Titans’ goal is to teach the program’s children that anyone, no matter what age, can support our troops. Huss is especially excited about the opportunity.