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By: Noah Michel

Fitness is a core belief in every soldier and for those wounded in combat being able to continue their fitness journey without worry of gym memberships or equipment is an enormous help. Combat wounded veterans everywhere are rebuilding and strengthening connections in the mind, body, and life through the help of the Catch a Lift Fund and their promise to assist these veterans to accomplish their goals both in the gym and out of it.

Started in remembrance Corporal Chris Coffland and his lifelong passion for fitness Catch a Lift has been providing gym memberships and in-home equipment to combat wounded veterans across the nation . Cpl. Coffland was led by the philosophy that you can achieve your highest potential through maintaining a healthy mind and body which CAL seeks to help other veterans reach. Daily Coffland would keep up his dedication to physical fitness all the while encouraging others to participate so that they too can lead a more healthy, well balanced life.

“I’m goin’ catch a lift” was the phrase heard everyday from Coffland as he headed off to the gym to continue his effort to better himself inside and out. Catch a Lift continues to assist other wounded veterans across the nation in their daily grind so that Cpl. Coffland’s idea of a better mind and body will always be carried on through the passion of others like him.

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To support Catch a Lift Fund visit them at their website here.

Shootout for Soldiers is honored to help Catch a Lift Fund’s continuing effort to assist combat wounded veterans rise up and overcome their injuries.