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By: RJ Kaminski

“[It’s] to support those that make our freedom loving way of life possible,” said Baltimore based artist, Patrick O’Brien.

Over the course of six years, since Shootout for Soldiers’ beginnings in Baltimore, local artist Patrick O’Brien and his company, My Town Art, have been right there by our side. O’Brien has donated dozens of original pieces of artwork for Shootout for Soldiers to auction or raffle off at each of our events.


“I heard about Shootout for Soldiers several years ago when my kids were in high school,” O’Brien said.  “I have always had a deep love and respect for our countrymen who serve in the military.”

And he has consistently proved that since 2012. O’Brien has never asked for anything in return for his donating of thousands of dollars in artwork. He and his wife simply continue to give, both to Shootout for Soldiers as well as other deserving non-profits.

“Valerie and I always believe that it is important to give back. We have worked with Lax for a Cure to benefit the Susan G Komen foundation as well.”

Shootout for Soldiers Baltimore attendees in particular have come to expect to see some of O’Brien’s work at the auction table. Last year, there were more than six prints set out on display. Some of those same pieces on display can be seen below.



Aside from O’Brien’s love for his country and the military who are tasked to protect it, he’s also fueled by a personal connection to those who serve our nation. “I have some cousins that served in Iraq,” O’Brien said. “Also, my wife’s dad was a PT boat captain in the South Pacific in WWII. I’ve benefitted so greatly from being an American thanks to those who serve.”

For those looking to support O’Brien and My Town Art, click HERE to check out the incredible selections they have for purchase on their website!