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Students at Auburn High School were tasked by their teacher to uncover photos and conduct interviews with friends and family of those Veterans whose names appear on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall  as part of a project.  The project assigned by W. Blake Busbin, a history teacher at Auburn High School, is not just to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the War, but also for a bit of a personal reason.

Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial


“My grandfathers both served in World War II and I never had a chance to really talk to them about their experiences,” he said. “So the project is a meaningful way for families to have and preserve that legacy of their loved ones.”

But he and his students need some help.

“The word of mouth among veterans and the community has been helpful.  We received an email from one Vietnam veteran who send in a photo of his buddy from an old year book … There’s a brotherhood among Vietnam veterans that they have carried over since war that’s never gone away.”

To submit a photo of a Vietnam Veteran, please contact Busbin at [email protected]. You may also mail a copy of the photo to Auburn High School at 405 South Dean Road, Auburn, Ala. 36830.

Almost 100 interviews have already been conducted.  You can listen to the audio of those interviews by clicking HERE.