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Runner-up: GoPro Shot of 2015

Faceoff GoPro


About the shot: During , we were able to use the new Hero 4 Session from GoPro. With such a small camera, we could think outside the box and come up with angles never before possible.  Zip ties were used to fashion the camera to where the facemask and plastic meet. Once the helmet was on, tape secured the camera in the proper angle. After a couple of tries we were able to get the perfect shot that captured the intensity right before a face-off.

– Brett Roberts, Director of Media


Winner: GoPro Shot of 2015


Flag GoPro

About the shot: Every Shootout for Soldiers has an opening ceremony that precedes the Veterans Game. Each ceremony is unique. At #SFSBoston, members of the Semper Fi Fund held a flag while the National Anthem was sung. With the sun directly behind the veterans, we were able to illuminate the flag and bring out its colors. The shadows casted across the turf along with the bright blue sky, provided a beautiful contrast. This photo was shot with a GoPro Hero 4 Black in Time Lapse mode (.5 seconds) with Protune on to allow for more post-production freedom. A Feiyu-Tech by MANHATTAN G4 gimbal was used to help stabilize and frame the shot. This picture truly captures the essence of Shootout for Soldiers and the power it has to bring the community together.

– Brett Roberts, Director of Media