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A- Atlanta: The home of the first Shootout for Soldiers to ever expand down South. SFS Atlanta raised $16,112 in their first year!

B- Baltimore: The city that broke $1,000,000 raised in 2016 at McDonogh High School!

C- Charlie Gressett, a Gary Sinise Foundation employee and dear friend of our Shootout for Soldiers team. Fun fact—Charlie attended all EIGHT events this summer!


Charlie playing around with a lacrosse stick for the FIRST time at SFS Ohio!

D- Dana Point: The home of the first Shootout for Soldiers on the West Coast.

E- Erik Mineo: This West Point grad and faceoff specialist has played in a number of Veterans games but has more importantly given a ton of guidance and advice to our team over the years.

F- Frankie Ryan: A third grader from Boston who raised more than $10,000 leading up to the father-son game that Frankie and his friends organized.

G- GameFace Media: The home of the thousands of photos taken of each player who took the field at a Shootout for Soldiers in 2016.

H- Houston: The home of Texas’s first Shootout for Soldiers AND the city where every member of our team learned what real heat felt like.

I- I-270: Known as “The Outterbelt” to Ohioans, it’s better known to our team as the site of our flat tire incident that happened hours before SFS Ohio.

K- KOA: The campgrounds we stayed at dozens of times while traveling coast to coast in the RV.

L- Lake Pontchartrain: The Lake we went kayaking in while spending a few days relaxing in New Orleans. We luckily avoided any gator sightings…

M- Malibu Beach RV Park: The place we were planning on staying at until our wheels situation took a turn for the worse. We stayed at Malibu Beach RV Park in 2015. Rumor has it that Patrick Swayze used to stay there as well!

O- “Ole Faithful”: The RV that our team called from 2015-2016. May she Rest in Peace.

 P- Pitch: The game that made hours feel like minutes while traveling from city to city in “Ole Faithful.”

Q- “Quack”: The SFS crew missed the chance to see the marching ducks in the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, but have it marked down as a “must see” for us in 2016. 

R- Rufferee: Charlie “The Rufferee,” a staple of SFS Baltimore came for a third straight year to keep the game play fair and sportsmanlike!

S- “SportsCenter Top 10.” That little segment we stayed up past 2 AM to watch the night before SFS Long Island…BECAUASE WE MADE #2!

T- Town of Oyster Bay: The host of SFS Long Island for the third straight year in 2016!

U- Under Armour: A company we’ve work with since 2015 as our official apparel supplier, but more importantly…the company that saved us once we lost everything out West.

V- Veteran Spotlight: The piece of content our team produces on one Veteran playing in each city. The video outlines their service history and their relationship with Shootout for Soldiers. (Ex. Erik Mineo in 2015)

W- Washington College: The WAC Alumni team headed up by Andrew Manos brought an army of friends, family, current players and former players of Washington College to play in Baltimore.  One daddy-daughter combo had a game to remember!

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 2.27.50 PM

T.D. posing with his daughter Annie mid game at SFS Baltimore

X-  Face off X to be exact, where the first “Stick Swap” game kicked off at SFS Colorado.  Also, maybe one of the first face offs in history involving one boys stick and one girls stick!

Y- Yahoo!: August 26, 2016 is the day that a Shootout for Soldiers feature graced the cover of the most read sports website on the web,

Z- Zero dark thirty: The late night hours, (officially celebrated with awesome t-shirts), which played host to numerous alumni, college and other exciting matchups.