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November 12, 2013 Green Beret Jared Bullock’s life changed forever. While out on patrol Jared’s vehicle was hit by an IED which lost him his arm, leg, and his best friend. Over 30 surgeries later Jared was able to begin rehabilitation and begin his journey towards recovery and finally reaching who he is today.

“For me it was come home, or come home in a bag; but I have been fortunate enough to have my family and awesome friends here to support me and help” says Jared

After three years of intense rehabilitation Jared is finally able to lead the life he wants to have and one that he is very proud of. Jared is a fitness junkie, obstacle course runner, family man, and proud veteran.


The Gary Sinise Foundation took it upon themselves to help Jared and his family by building a ‘smart’ home specially designed to his needs. Utilizing energy efficient, adaptive, and easily automated products that are able to communicate with each other GSF is able to help wounded veterans have the normal lifestyle they deserve.

“We’re providing specially adapted smart homes, home modifications, mobility devices, and adapted vehicles to America’s most severely wounded heroes & their families” – Gary Sinise

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