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Whether they’re coaching, playing or singing, our volunteers spend their time participating at Shootout for Soldiers for a reason.  Make that reasons.

Janine Stange (Performed 24 National Anthems at SFS California)

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“I sing for our brave who embody the meaning of our song,” Stange said. “Without them the song would not be relevant. I always look for a veteran or someone who served in the crowd – you can always find them.”

Schazz Lee (Played and volunteered at every SFS Baltimore since 2012)

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“My father and grandfather were in the military so I feel connected through legacy,” Lee said.  “Also with my Boys’ Latin connection [to SFS].”

Jason Dote (Played at 5 AM at SFS Ohio and then during Ohio’s Daddy-Daughter game just 11 hours later)


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“I play for the men and women that protect our freedom every single second of every single day,” Dote said.  “I play for my grandfathers and father-in law and all my Columbus Ball Hawg brethreen who served in the military and sacrificed so much to make this country a better place (Kyle Andrews, Jason Feinstein, Cam, et al.)  I play for my community and my boys and girls (Outlaws, Mainax & Rebels).  What these soldiers have relinquished makes going to our community and asking for donations a small task, especially weighed against what they have given to us.  They deserve our efforts, our compassion and our support.”

Cynthia Fortner (Volunteered at apparel stand for 4 hours at SFS Baltimore)

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“I volunteered to show my support for our veterans,” Fortner said.  “It was a humbling experience that I will never forget.”

Eric Simmons (Famous for playing goalie for the first time in his life at SFS Baltimore)

Simmons left

“I participated in Shootout for Soldiers for fun and to honor the millions of veterans that serve our great country. I plan on attending and volunteering as often as I can!”


We hope to see you at a Shootout for Soldiers this summer.

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