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The newest addition to Shootout for Soldiers Baltimore was the addition of wheelchair lacrosse, which was led by the local group Freestate Wheelchair Lacorsse, a member of Wheelchair Lacrosse USA (WLUSA). Founded in 2009, Ryan Baker and Bill Lundstrom created an opportunity for disabled athletes to play the sport they love by starting the program in San Diego.

Mark Flounlacker, the founder of Maryland-based Freestate Wheelchair Lacrosse, has spread the organization since then and runs two clinics in Baltimore to attract more athletes. WLUSA has also run a host of clinics at Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda, MD over the last few years.

Flounlacker was joined by ten of his teammates during the 11am hour of Shootout for Soldiers Baltimore. Playing 5v5 on the basketball court, the group attracted a sizable crowd, including lacrosse legends Lyle and Jeremy Thompson.

Flounlacker found that the event was a huge success for his team, particularly because they “…were able to show this version of the game to the able bodied community and give those who may have to adapt their recreational passions that there are myriad options to live a complete and satisfying life following traumatic injury.”

He was thrilled that the players had an opportunity to show wounded veterans that they can get out there, compete, and feel some relief that they can still play the sport they love and have fun regardless of the severity of their injuries. Flounlacker points out, “…that, though we are disabled, we are athletes just like everyone else.  We are out there fulfilling a passion and persevering through adversity. Something that is at the heart of this event.”


 Watch the GoPro Highlights from the event below!


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