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“I’m really looking forward to trying some Lobster Bisque for the first time…,” said local SFS Atlanta Organizer Jay Puckett.

Boston Organizer, Colonel Mike Sullivan has other plans.“Having been stationed in Georgia for four years, I cannot wait to enjoy some delicious southern BBQ once the Patriots defeat the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.”

Why all this talk about food?  Well, that’s what’s on the line for Super Bowl 52.


If the New England Patriots win:

Jay Puckett will order and ship a King’s Carolina Oink Sampler to the door step of Colonel Sullivan.


If the Atlanta Falcons win:

Colonel Sullivan will order and ship a batch of The Lobster Guy’s award winning Lobster Bisque soup to the door step of Puckett.

Sunday’s outcome is uncertain, but the level of confidence exuding from both of these organizer’s is not up for debate.

“There’s no doubt that Patriots have been battle tested over the years,” Puckett said.  “But every dynasty eventually falls. This is Atlanta’s year as the whole city will #RiseUp behind our team.”

Sullivan is relying on a Shootout for Soldiers Veteran and current Patriots’ long snapper, Joe Cardona, to bring him home some barbecue next week.

“With great lacrosse players such as Cardona and Chris Hogan, I have no doubt that the team representing the world’s best “Lobstah” (as we say it up here) will not only bring home their 5th Super Bowl Championship, but some Georgia barbecue for the Boston Shootout for Soldiers team!