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1. Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Shootout For Soldiers Organization. While the behind-the-scenes work is mainly supported by volunteers, without the local volunteers that help at each Shootout For Soldiers event, they would not be as successful.

Charlie G

2. Sponsors

Sponsors are a vital part of the success of all Shootout For Soldiers events. Without the support of our sponsors, the reach of the Shootout For Soldiers message would be greatly reduced, plain and simple.

UA Shooting Cage

3. Charlie the Rufferee

Our rufferee dictates the pace of the Shootout For Soldiers games and brings an unmatched spirit to each event she attends. Charlie quite literally steals our lacrosse balls when she makes a call on the field.


4. Ole’ Faithful

Not only did she house the Shootout For Soldiers team while travelling to events, Ole’ Faithful (our RV) was true to the Shootout For Soldiers cause until her very end. Ole’ Faithful will be dearly missed for her amazing effort in carrying the team and all of its gear across the country.

Ole Faithful

5. Crazy-Awesome Costumes

Over the years, Shootout For Soldiers participants have made it a point to go all out for their local event. Many often go above and beyond to show their support for our troops by wearing extremely patriotic and/or creative costumes… Like this guy!