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1. Team Harrow

Despite a significant loss of extremities, 35-year-old CPT. Benjamin Harrow made a promise to his best friend Erik Mineo that he’d one day be back on the lacrosse field with him. Harrow fulfilled that promise during the Veterans game, coming in to play goalie for a majority of the game. As the whistle blew after 1 hour of Vet game action, every current and former serviceman on the field rushed to greet Harrow and wish him congratulations on an inconceivable accomplishment.


2. Joe Boozer.

If you haven’t heard that name before, you’re going to know it now. Boozer set out to play in every single game of the 24-hour event. And he did just that. He played with U-9 teams, U-11 teams, in reunion games and most importantly in the Veterans game. Boozer claimed the Vets requested he play in the opening game with them, as the 17-year-old heads off to Annapolis to attend the Naval Academy in just six days.


3. That’s WAC.

Washington College Alumni held a reunion to be remembered at Shootout for Soldiers Baltimore. Get a load of this.

-70 family and friends
-14 different families with two or more family members playing
-15 WAC WLAX Alumni
-14 WAC MLAX Current Players
-A ton of kids
-Coaches Jeff Shirk and Tim Kerr
-Players from the 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, and today…all on one field together.


Consider following Washington College’s lead for your next high-school or college reunion!

4. Nadelen grabs the whistle…AND the pads.

Towson Men’s lacrosse coach, Shawn Nadelen faced off against Maryland lacrosse coach John Tillman in the Veterans game to kick off SFS Baltimore. It seems like that wasn’t enough for Nadelen. The 37-year-old Johns Hopkins alumni also suited up to play for the 11PM, 12PM and 4 AM time slots! Nadelen posed with Booker Corrgian and some fellow players during the early morning hours at St. Paul’s School.


5. Parkville Adaptive Lacrosse Snags the Spotlight

Parkville Adaptive Lacrosse coach Marty Delaney said that playing in last year’s Shootout for Soldiers felt like Parkville’s first official acceptance into the lacrosse community.  The program followed that up with an incredible 2016 performance Thursday. The number of volunteers on the field exceeded the amount of players out there competing.  One mother and son heading out after the event said it was “the best day ever.”

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