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By: Keegan McFatridge

“As a whole, we have a duty and need to make a better commitment in helping our Veterans and their families to get any immediate resource they may need. “ -Chris Lombardi

For Chris Lombardi, playing in Shootout for Soldiers is a form of tribute. Everyone on his team is involved with the military, whether they have family who have served or is currently serving in the military. After hearing about SFS from a group of friends who played in 2016, Chris decided that this year he wanted to play for the memory of Major Brian Kavanagh. Maj. Kavanagh was a combat veteran who died last year from complications of PTSD. Chris had this to say of Maj. Kavanagh:

“Brian was a wonderful son, brother, husband and father who sacrificed his life for our country.”

Major Brian Kavanagh and his wife Jess created VetLinks, a company that helps vets and their families with various day-to-day struggles

On the topic of family, Brian and his wife Jessica founded VetLinks to help link medical, legal and social support to combat veterans and their families. In seeking out help for his own struggles with PTSD, Chris founded VetLinks. Now, his wife bravely carries the torch and continues to assist veterans and their families who are in need. Chris spoke very highly of the organization, explaining how his family is “so excited to bring a team together for the first time here at SFS, and to be able to meet and play with others to support our Veterans and military.  Our team is truly looking forward to coming together to help bring awareness for Veteran’s needs as a whole, and to honor our dear friend, MAJ Brian Kavanagh.”

If you would like to support Team Kavanagh this year, please consider visiting their fundraising page at the link below: