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BALTIMORE, MD ​(October 25, 2016) – This week, Shootout for Soldiers, the 24-hour lacrosse event, announced the relaunch of Operation Baggataway, a program enabling deployed service members to play the game of lacrosse.

Shootout for Soldiers is calling on the lacrosse community to donate gently used equipment, which will be used to build “lacrosse libraries” at military bases around the world. Operation Baggataway aims to provide a new outlet for recreation and foster camaraderie for service members. The project is a relaunch of a 2011 effort that established the game in Camp Victory, Bagram Airfield, Ramstein Air Force Base and numerous other military outposts.


“We relaunched Operation Baggataway in order to ensure that deployed service members have the opportunity to enjoy the unique community, camaraderie, and joy of lacrosse,” said Tyler Steinhardt, Shootout for Soldiers founder and executive director. “Our hope is that the lacrosse world will join us in collecting gear, so that no matter how far away our troops are stationed, they can experience a small taste of home when they pick up a lacrosse stick.”

Those interested in donating gently used lacrosse gear are encouraged to organize drives within their schools, teams, local stores, clubs, and friends and family. Equipment will be cleaned and heads will be restrung with new mesh, then shipped directly to our troops at military bases across the world. Visit for information on the mission and how to get involved.

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