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To start: We’re all OK. From there, I’m not really sure how to continue.

To make a long story short: On our way from Colorado to California for the last Shootout for Soldiers of the summer, we ran into a little trouble. Put more precisely, our RV blew up and caught fire. Seriously.


We’re not really sure how it happened. But it happened fast. As we were traveling over the mountains in Utah, we pulled aside after smelling gasoline. Within seconds of checking on the gas tank, we noticed a flame below the RV and quickly rushed for safety. Within a few moments, the entire RV was encapsulated in flames with dark smoke rising to the sky.

I’ll be frank, it was tough to watch.

We all lost everything, from our laptops and cameras to our bags of clothes and toiletries. In less than five minutes,” Ol’ Faithful” was burned to a crisp with just ashy remnants. We are lucky to be alive.


The good thing is, we’re all OK. Special thanks to the Salina, UT Fire Department for putting out the fire and keeping us safe.

However we do need a little help. Over the last two months as we traveled for Shootout for Soldiers, we have always covered our own costs in order to make sure that all the money we raise goes directly to those who serve our country. But as we spend the night in a Marriott outside of Salt Lake City, we are keenly aware that the next few days will be a challenge. The RV was both our shelter and transportation, meaning that at the very least we will need to find new places to stay, rent a car to CA and then also get flights back east. Not to mention getting new clothes everyone, toiletries and a host of other items we had on board.

We’re hoping to raise $5,000 to offset these costs and help with the in-between period before insurance comes through. This figure doesn’t cover personal property lost (multiple laptops, GoPros, drone, TV…) it will simply just help us execute the last week of our summer tour and get everyone home OK. Anything we raise over the amount, or if our expenses are less than $5,000, will be put back into our general fund to benefit our charity partners.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributes or helps spread the word, it’s deeply appreciated as we handle this new challenge.


Much love,


Tyler Steinhardt

Brendan Owens

RJ Kaminski

Brett Roberts

Rachael Rennie