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By: Brent Greenberg

The Gary Sinise Foundation formed the R.I.S.E (Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment) program to provide our nation’s heroes and their families with the resources to overcome their new challenges in life. The Gary Sinise Foundation commits to helping our wounded heroes increase their mobility and reclaim their self-reliance.

Through the R.I.S.E program, the Gary Sinise Foundation constructs one-of-a-kind specially adapted smart homes for our nation’s most severely wounded heroes. The Foundation believes it is their responsibility to ensure the more than 50,000 cases of polytrauma returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have the means to carry on with everyday life.

“Home is more than a house. It’s where loved ones gather. It’s where we take comfort from the world. It’s the center around which our lives revolve. For our nation’s severely wounded heroes, however, life at home can be a constant battle. Without features designed for their needs, small tasks can present insurmountable challenges.” reads the R.I.S.E. page on the Gary Sinise Foundation’s site.


By the end of 2018, the Gary Sinise Foundation will have 66 specially adapted smart homes completes or underway in the United States. They have provided our wounded heroes, their caregivers, and families with 10 home modifications, seven adapted vehicles, and 12 mobility devices.

To learn more about the Gary Sinise Foundation and their R.I.S.E program, head to

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