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East Cobb Lacrosse Plans to Take on SFS 2018 in Atlanta

By January 29, 2018atlanta, Front Page, News, Team Stories

By: Brent Greenberg

East Cobb Lacrosse at SFS Atlanta in 2016

East Cobb Lacrosse at SFS Atlanta in 2016

Founded in 2013, East Cobb Lacrosse, also known as “The Hogs”, is a regular at lacrosse tournaments throughout the east coast. Founders Marshall Hood and Tanner Bruton wanted to continue their love for lacrosse, and saw the rapid growth in the region with the recent additions of Major League Lacrosse’s Atlanta Blaze and the National Lacrosse League’s Georgia Swarm.

The Hogs hit the field a week after Atlanta’s famed Snowpacolypse on February 8th, 2014 and haven’t missed a beat since. Numerous members of East Cobb played together at Kennesaw Mountain High School, where SFS Atlanta has been held every year. In the two years of the event so far, East Cobb has raised over $3,000 for our partner veteran charities.

Hood's lacrosse playing, Baltimore grandfather, USMC Capt. Thomas R.C. Hood in Korea, March '51.

Hood’s lacrosse playing, Baltimore grandfather, USMC Capt. Thomas R.C. Hood in Korea, March ’51.

“Shootout for Soldiers is a fantastic way to use something we love – playing lacrosse – and raise awareness and funds for those who have given so much for our Country.” Said Hood. With a strong connection to the military, the event hits home with Marshall. Both of Hood’s grandparents served in World War II and Korea. Thomas R.C. Hood, his grandfather who played lacrosse growing up in Baltimore in the 1920’s, was a USMC Captain while his other grandfather, John S. Simonson was a US Army Lieutenant. Hood’s father, brother, cousins, and uncles have served in the armed forces as well.
“Lacrosse isn’t just a sport; it’s a passion rich in tradition that becomes a part of your very being,” explains Hood, who has been playing lacrosse since he was 21 years old. “Combining that love with care for our Veterans is the signature way our club gives back to the game and our community.”

The Hogs look to make their return this summer at Kennesaw Mountain High School on May 19th and 20th, home to the 3rd Annual Shootout for Soldiers Atlanta.