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By: Sam Ingles

Within some individuals, there is a fire. This fire, whether it be for helping others or succeeding on a personal level, burns within an individual and drives them to accomplish their goals and reach new heights.

Within Macallan Cooper, that fire rages.

image2Cooper is a defenseman from Lassiter Select Lacrosse club in Georgia, where last year he participated in his first ever Shootout For Soldiers event. When John Driscoll asked Cooper about the opportunity to play in the Atlanta Shootout for Soldiers event, there was no hesitation. Having had a grandmother, who retired LT. Col, and two grandfathers who all served in Vietnam, raising money for veterans was a passion that means a lot ot Cooper. During last year’s Atlanta Shootout For Soldiers event, not only did Cooper participate in the event, he raised $1,011.66 individually. This amount of money raised was the second most raised per that event last year.

This year, Cooper has raised over $2,400, first out of all individuals for the 2018 Shootout For Soldiers Atlanta event. In addition to his individual effort, 39 different people have donated to Cooper’s page. If Cooper was recognized as his own team, he would be ranked n 12th place nationally amongst other Shootout For Soldier teams.image2 (1)

Macallan Cooper is 13 years old.

These enormous efforts by such a young man are incredible and are recognized by every member of the Shootout For Soldiers organization. Cooper’s success is in part due to his membership with the National Junior Honor Society, where he is encouraged to incorporate leadership, character, citizenship and volunteerism in his life daily life. Additionally, Cooper is proud of the sacrifices his grandparents and all soldiers have made for this great country.

“Raising money for a cause so close to his heart by playing a game he loves has been a great fit for him.”
Heather Cooper – Macallan Cooper’s Mother