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“The two of us have checked off a lot of my bucket list,” said Loren Marino. “When I do feel ill, he is the first to make me smile. He knows when to stay by my side and just be there. And when to push me or make me laugh.”

The 42-year-old Navy Veteran, Marino, was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndromes in 2000, which advanced into leukemia five years go.  She is also being plagued by terminal ovarian cancer.

By the way she speaks, it seems the one thing in her life that has kept her going this entire time is her dog, Hector.  Hector is a Cesky Terrier who has collected several awards with Marino at various different dog shows.

Despite her poor health, Marino has set her sights on the Westminster Dog Show.  She claims her time with him has kept her going all this time.

“My time with Hector has been beneficial physically and psychologically,” she said “Keeping him in condition requires me to get up, get out, play ball, take walks, and make periodic trips in the car for his special burger treats.”

Marino and Hector had a chance to show their stuff this weekend at the Westminster Dog Show.  Hopefully the two have many more in their future!