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By: RJ Kaminski

The Shootout for Soldiers has been driven by a group of Boys’ Latin alumni from three separate graduating classes.  Tyler Steinhardt ‘12, Brendan Owens ‘12, Geron Brooks ‘12, RJ Kaminski ‘13 and Brett Roberts ‘14 will be traveling across the country as a unit this summer to help run the Shootout for Soldiers in all five of its locations.  Fellow Lakers Jimmy Peacock ‘12, Brink Van Horn ‘12 and Will Fedder ‘12 have also been members of the Shootout for Soldiers team since the event’s beginnings on Lake Avenue in 2012.

It has been the entire Boys’ Latin community that has made the event possible and so successful each year.  Many Boys’ Latin students showed up to McDonogh School last week to volunteer in some way, aiding the success of the Shootout for Soldiers, which raised more than $200,000 for our five beneficiaries.

The logistics team, led by Geron Brooks, consisted of Ryan Trupia ‘17, Seth Miller ‘15 and Schazz Lee ‘13, who have played specific roles in the Shootout for Soldiers since its first event at BL. Sam Weinick ‘17, John Reinitz ‘13 and Stephen Black ’13 also played significant roles this year, working straight through the rainy early morning hours.

Schazz Lee alumni hr

Schazz Lee ’13 sporting his Boys’ Latin lacrosse helmet during the BL alumni hour.


The Livestream broadcast this year, led by RJ Kaminski, received help during the entire 24-hour stretch from Laker alumni.  Co-hosts included Liam Fennessy ‘13, Jacob Katinsky ‘13, Brett Roberts and Schazz Lee.  For there to be a continuous video stream for those at home to watch, volunteers needed to control the camera for each second of the 24-hour period. Eric Simmons ‘12, Reese Gahan ‘13 and John Reinitz ‘13 all spent at least six hours operating the camera.

“It was a great experience to come together as a community to support fellow alumni and a phenomenal cause,” Reinitz said.

Brett Roberts, Director of Media, has handled filming and editing predominantly on his own.  Roberts has applied what he learned producing videos on the lower turf field for BL’s lacrosse team to his position creating promos, features and event recap videos for the Shootout for Soldiers.  Roberts kept his filming skills sharp during the school year, producing videos for the Maryland Men’s Lacrosse team during the 2015 season.  Go HERE to check out Roberts’ most recent Shootout for Soldiers works.

In addition to volunteering, the Shootout for Soldiers also brought current and former Lakers together on the field.  At 4 AM, more than 35 Boys’ Latin alumni came out to play, including Tyler Steinhardt, Geron Brooks, Brendan Owens, Reese Gahan, John Reinitz, Brett Roberts, Brandon Cherry ‘12, Brendan Mullally ‘12, Aaron Leeds ‘13, Tal Bruno ‘14 and Hunter Moreland ‘14.  Bruno (Johns Hopkins), Leeds (Salisbury University), Michael Lynch (Towson) ,Tom Brown (CCBC) and Brooks (Towson) all also participated in the Under Armour pro-collegiate hour at 6 PM Thursday.

Current Boys’ Latin history teacher, Mac McDonald as well as former English teacher Jeremy Bryant refereed the 4 AM BL alumni slot.  McDonald went above and beyond once again by not just refereeing one lacrosse game, but also helping get the Southern Lacrosse Officials Association on board with the event.

Mac McDonald refereeing the 4 AM Boys' Latin alumni hour.

Mac McDonald refereeing the 4 AM Boys’ Latin alumni hour.


“It’s not that often you find yourself on the lacrosse field at 3, 4, or 5 in the morning,but it’s a lot of fun to be with a group of people – players, officials, and volunteers – who are all working together in support of a shared cause. – Mac McDonald

“Seeing a lot of former students from Boys’ Latin, as well as young men and women from other local schools, take this type of initiative and create such a meaningful event is special and inspiring,” he said.

A few parents of current and former Lakers have made hosting a crowd of more than 15,000 people possible year after year.  Jennifer and Michael Steinhardt traditionally work all 24-hours at the raffle and silent auction tent, while current Boys Latin receptionist Jill Troupia works the food tent.  Terry Moyer, the mother of Boys’ Latin alum Tyler Moyer ‘14, not only works the entire daylong event, but also puts in dozens of hours organizing food donations and setup plans.  Gary Brooks, father of our Logistics Director Geron, has also donated his time year to ensure the event’s success.  Leslie and Bob Kaminski have begun to play a significant role as well, especially by getting the Shootout for Soldiers RV on the road for this summer.

Whether volunteering, playing or just watching, a lot of Lakers still trekked out to McDonogh School in the pouring rain to show their support.  Brian Mitchell, the Head of the Upper School, and Pat Gugerty, the director of alumni development, also stopped by the Shootout for Soldiers Thursday.

“Esse quam videri” or, “To be, rather than to seem” is the motto that Boys’ Latin strives to instill into their students.  Through student, faculty and alumni support, the Laker community has lived up to this motto by putting in the time and showing the support necessary to make the Shootout for Soldiers successful.

Below are just a few Boys’ Latin supporters who made their way out to McDonogh School Wednesday and Thursday.

Ben Field ‘12

Grant Cohen ‘12

Will Sutton ‘13

Michael Lynch ‘13

Drew Gray ‘15

Dom Maggio ‘16

David Lizana ‘16

Charlie Ikle ‘16

Jack Pezzulla ‘16

Andrew Murrow ‘16

Cody Hess ‘16

Dom Maggio ‘16

Thomas Murphy ‘16

Joey Mallon ‘16

Will Page ‘16

Nate Malinowski ‘16.