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By: RJ Kaminski

You may know him from his ridiculous lacrosse goal calls or the interview guy who orchestrates high school prom proposals on the lacrosse field. But we know him, Booker Corrigan, as a lifetime supporter of Shootout for Soldiers.

Our team caught up with Corrigan to find out why he takes the time so much time each summer to support Shootout for Soldiers.

“It’s important for me personally because I respect everything that our Veterans do,” he said. “They have the courage to do things that I don’t have the ability to do. And I really admire their sense of duty and I think that’s important for other people to see that and learn from that.”


Corrigan stresses that kids should not surpass the opportunity to be a part of a cause so incredibly important.
“It’s a great way to build a memory for kids,” Corrigan said. “It’s something they’re going to remember for the rest of their lives.”


“Any way a kid can get out on that field or even just get to that event, they will never forget it. It plants a seed of, at the bare minimum, respect for the people who really deserve it. And I think sometimes as a nation we fail to acknowledge the sacrifice that those men and women make.”

“They [Veterans] have the courage to do things that I don’t have the ability to do.” -Booker Corrigan

Corrigan talked about the goal that each team must fundraise in order to play. He also discussed the significance of doing something totally out of the comfort zone like a 24- hour lacrosse game!

“I think [kids will] find it’s a lot easier to raise that $750 dollars than they think,” he said. “It’s really easy and people want to give. They just need to be given the opportunity and be made aware that this is going on.”

Corrigan believes the time to put in to raising that $750 is worth every penny for the experience Shootout for Soldiers brings come summertime.

“The best thing you can do is get that 2 in the morning, 3 in the morning game because now you’re taking that experience and making it crazy fun,” he said. “Everybody’s a little bit wacky tired. But that adds to the occasion. That adds to the value of the experience.”

Corrigan has had four years of memories with the Shootout for Soldiers. But his favorite one came around a memory from the 24-hour Livestream.

“It’s gonna sound a little bit corny, but I love the guys like Sean Tillman, Sean Nadelen, Paul Rabil…they all run over to the tent to get interviewed because they want to be associated with something so valuable to the Vets. That tells you the value of the [Shootout for Soldiers].”

Towson Coach

Though, his favorite memory that recurs each year is seeing what transpires down on the turf field before thousands of spectators and participants.

“When you see the actual veterans out there, it adds up to an emotional moment for them and if it doesn’t carry over to you, then you should spend your time doing something else,” Corrigan said. “But 99% of people get a little bit choked up when they see those Veterans out on that field having fun and smiling.”

What is Booker Corrigan most looking forward to in 2016? Get ready for this.

“I’m looking forward to finding my way onto that field,” he claimed. “I don’t want to paint myself into a corner, because I think my value to the occasion is probably best served on the Livestream, but I wouldn’t mind donning the jersey and having those guys take a whack at me. They earned it!” Booker laughed.


“It plants a seed of, at the bare minimum, respect for the people who really deserve it.”

Keep an eye on our social media accounts Twitter and Facebook to hear when Booker will be calling the shots on the Livestream or perhaps…when he’ll be taking some shots on the field!

“The success of the event is that it’s for such a valuable cause, such an important cause, such a vital cause.”