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By: Keegan McFatridge

The Army Rangers Lead The Way Fund is making our nation’s wounded Ranger veterans a high priority by directly contributing to the successful recoveries of veterans, as well as immediate relief to those families whose loved one has paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. The Wounded Ranger Recovery Program is one of the many ways that this organization helps, and their program mission reads as follows:

“When our wounded, ill or injured Rangers return from combat, the severity of their injuries are often to the degree that their disabilities prevent them and their families from being able to fully support themselves. The care provided by the government is often limited and insufficient to support their needs. LTWF provides ongoing support, from the moment of injury, through the short and long-term recovery, rehabilitation and transition process. Starting with an immediate financial grant of $3,500 for Rangers that are wounded in action or during training, and to the families of Rangers who have been Killed in Action”.



LTWF also keeps spouses and loved ones in mind by also additionally covering travel and accommodation expenses so that they can be with our nation’s heroes in their time of need so as to provide relief and prevent any further emotional distress. In order to support LTWF, please consider making a donation at donation/ .

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