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We say, “yes” to a lot of things in life. But saying, “yes” to suit up and play in a 24-hour lacrosse game may be may take some convincing. Lucky for you, we’ve already compiled a list of reasons why you should play in a Shootout for Soldiers this summer.

1. Connect with Veterans in your community!

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Shootout for Soldiers is an opportunity to meet the Veterans in your community who you’re supporting by playing in our event. The day of the event creates tangible interaction with the Vets who come out to play, spectate and meet civilians in their own community. It’s not everyday you have the chance to spark up conversation and thank dozens of Veterans who served in various branches of the military. It’s a full 24 hours to say “thank you!”

2. Create memories for years to come!

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It’s also not everyday that a father and son get to play on the same field before thousands of spectators. Scratch that. It’s not everyday that THREE generations get to take the same field. Washington College alumni, Andrew Manos won’t soon be forgetting the summer of 2015. If you haven’t already, check out his story HERE.

Where else can you support a great cause while catching up with old friends playing the sport you love? Aside from father-son games, we’ve had fire department reunions, high school reunions, college reunions and even daddy-daughter games.

3. See where your fundraising dollars are going!

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The four charities that we allocate 100% of our funds to are present at every Shootout for Soldiers. That gives you a chance to meet and interact with the organizations that put your fundraising dollars to use. You have all day and night to meet representatives from our charity beneficiaries. Learn up on the current programs and campaigns our charities are running to give yourself the confidence that every penny of the $750 your team raises will be efficiently spent.
We work with The Gary Sinise Foundation, The Semper Fi Fund, Army Ranger Lead the Way Fund, and Team Red, White and Blue

4. An excuse to dust off the old helmet and stick!

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If there were ever a reason to relive the glory days long after they’ve passed, it’s through Shootout for Soldiers. There’s a reason we accept participants of all ages. SFS gives you the ultimate opportunity to break out your equipment that’s been gathering dust in the crawl space.   And it’s not just to prove it to yourself that “you still got it…” it’s to support those who’ve put themselves in the line of danger for the freedoms we enjoy each day.

5. Playing at 2 AM is…AWESOME.

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Some of the greatest memories from Shootout for Soldiers participants come in the wee hours of the night.  You could cut the fog with a knife at 3 AM in Columbus, OH.  From 1 AM to 3 AM in Baltimore…you could barely see the ball through the rain rushing into your face mask.  The same teams come back year after year for the late night hours of Shootout for Soldiers action. And the stories they tell you from their past experiences will pressure you into signing up right now.


Wanna get in the game?  Click HERE.