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By: Garrett Dvorkin

Semper Fi Mountain Biking Camp

Is there anything better than veterans ripping down some of America’s best mountain biking trails? The Semper Fi fund had a great event for some veterans. With IMB and Cannondale, Semper Fi had a great weekend mountain bike camp. The event took place in Navato, CA and helped veterans shred down the trails for an awesome weekend. IMB also made sure that the mountainbiking didn’t end after just a weekend, the veterans took home custom bikes.

What made the camp so special were the teachers. Mark Weir and Jason Moeschler were there to help instruct the veterans. They have won the Downieville Downhill a combined 13 times. They are both members of the Cannondale OverMountain Team and supporters of the Semper Fi Fund. With great instruction, Weir and Moeschler helped the veterans have a once in a lifetime experience.

On the importance of mountain biking as a release for veterans, Sam Tickle, the associate director of Team Semper Fi said, “These athletes will have the opportunity to learn advanced mountain bike skills from two of the best mountain bikers in the US, riding some of the most amazing trails in the country. Plus, they’ll have an opportunity to build confidence in the sport and connect with fellow service members, making friendships that can last a lifetime.” It was an amazing event, and Team Semper Fi continues to do great things for veterans in so many ways.