There are very few team spots open for Long Island. If you have interest in joining the waiting list for your team, please email

Scroll to the bottom for individual registration times.

Welcome to registration for the Shootout for Soldiers!

Please make sure to read through the Key Reminders and Step-by-Step guideline before you start.

3 Key Reminders

- A Coach or Team Manager must register the team first before players can sign-up. The coach must pay a $100 fee to register a team this year. (Note that the  players still make a donation of $20 when they register as well.)

- All players must be US Lacrosse members and that membership needs to be valid through the day of the event (respective to Baltimore and Long Island).  Registration will NOT work if you are not a USL member. To become a member, lookup your membership number or read more about the benefits of being a member visit here:

- All men’s teams are required to have a minimum of 20 players and all women’s teams must have at least 15 players.



1. Your coach will send you an email once your team’s registration is finalized that will include a link to your registration form.

2. You will need to create an account on our League Athletics site, then you will enter in info first for the Guardian and then the player. Click “Create an Account”to do this.

3. Once you have an account, click the green “Register” button next to your name, after reviewing your information, you will be taken to a form to register for the Shootout for Soldiers. Fill out the correct information, and click “Submit” at the bottom of the form.

4. To complete your registration, click “Pay Now” which will be redirect you to PayPal where you can pay. (Click “Don’t have a PayPal account” to pay with a credit card)

5. Once PayPal confirms your payment, you are all registered! Your coach will receive periodic updates about who has registered for his/her team.

6. Connect with us on Facebook to stay updated!


A few notes on Player registration

- A $20 donation is part of the event registration, however over 80% of our participants have donated more than $20 in the last two years. This year we have partnered with CrowdRise to allow you to create your own fundraising page for the event. Each registered team will have a fundraising page, and you’ll be able to donate or even create your own fundraiser as part of the team.

- If you have any problems registering please email



We have opened up individual registration for Long Island! The spots are only open to boys teams since there were no women’s timeslots available.

**Please note these are limited times, and that individual registration will close on Saturday!**

6pm (15-18yrs old)

7pm (8-10yrs old)

9pm (19-29yrs old)

4am (30+)

Register here: