Beginning in 2019, Shootout for Soldiers will be adopting a new model for its fundraising dispersion. This new structure will help us better target our support, monitor the donations and continue to build a strong donor network. The total fundraising dispersion after expenses will consist of 30% to the local Shootout for Soldiers charity partners and the remainder will be pooled together to create grants to be awarded to non-profit organizations across the United States. The Grants will fund job training, mental health and community-based programs for Veterans.


Grant candidates will submit an application that addresses the key issues areas outlined by Shootout for Soldiers and how the grant would be used (e.g. programs, flight dates, return on investment, target population, budget, previous examples, etc.).

Applications must address the integration of Shootout for Soldiers in a brand and marketing capacity

The national fund grant allocation will be managed by an oversight committee comprised of Shootout for Soldiers organizers, staff, Veterans, and non-profit professionals who will accept and review applications throughout Q1 to Q3 and then will meet in Q4 of each year to select recipients

30 percent of net fundraising from each event will be allocated to the Local Charity partners. These partners are required to attend the Shootout for Soldiers event. Our Local Charity partners are welcome to apply to the Shootout for Soldiers Grant as well.


Below you will find a link to download the application for the Shootout for Soldiers Grant. In this application, we will ask for key information about your non-profit, as well as key information about the project you are looking for support with.

Within the application, you will be asked to answer 6 questions, as well as provide documentation that is prominent about your non-profit. The application allows you space for 1-page per question, if you find that there is not enough space, please attach a separate page(s) with the continuation of your answer. On the separate document, please ensure you indicate where each question is being answered.


2019 Application Deadline is September 30th, 2019


Notice of Grant Awards will be emailed no later than December 31st, 2019

Download Grant Application