Shootout for Soldiers Event Application

PLEASE NOTE: This is an application to become an EVENT ORGANIZER and to BRING the event to a city near you!


  • Games:  A minimum of 3 games with 6 teams is the best starting point to support the cost structure, but please still fill this out if you’d like to discuss other ways to establish your location with a smaller event.
  • Venue: You are responsible for locating and securing your facility.
  • Volunteers: This is dependent on the size and scope of your event. It is always helpful to have a team of people involved to move things along, even if it is a small team of 3-5 people. You will also need help with the day of the event, feet on the ground volunteers!
  • Festival: If you’d like to host food trucks, catering, or entertainment, this is entirely up to you. Our main events always have these elements to create an exciting atmosphere, but it is not required or necessary for hosting a small event.
  • Sponsorship: We welcome any sponsors you’d like to get involved with. We have a flyer that describes our opportunities at all pricing levels. Our team will help with all aspects of sponsors and how to active them!

Event Applications

  • Applicant Info

  • Eg. Coach, player, parent, league administrator, etc.
  • Where & When if so
  • Eg. Veteran, career, activities, family, friend, loved ones, etc.
  • City Application

  • An event cannot be run just by you! Please list at least 3 others that would help you run this event.